Friday, February 26, 2010

Hide the Food!

So...I've been eating a lot this week. Well, a lot for me. There's been a lot of snacking going on. Not entirely sure why, but I've got a few theories:
  1. Pre-time-of-the-month
  2. Less running/working out because of a twinge (which I'll discuss more another time)
  3. Because I KEEP BUYING SNACK FOOD (namely, banana chips. Oh, how I love banana chips...)
Since I began making better food choices and, consequently, losing weight, I've developed a relatively strong willpower when it comes to not giving in to temptation. I've probably offended my coworkers more than once by refusing cookies and such (why do people always feel the need to make you eat when they see that you're losing weight?!? Anyone else have this problem?). But for the past few weeks I've just been, well, hungry. Hungrier than usual. To hold myself accountable, here's what I've eaten today:
  • Bowl of Special K w/skim milk
  • Coffee
  • 6-8 malted milk balls (an anomoly in my pantry--a moment of weakness in the bulk food section)
  • Handful of carrots w/hummus
  • Bagel Thin w/peanut butter and blueberry preserves
  • Small salad
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Fiber One granola bar
To my reconfigured way of looking at food, this just seems a little extravagant, mostly because of the malted milk balls. And I've felt kinda guilty all day, especially since I haven't worked out (yet). And especially since I haven't really been hungry all day, just kinda munching. Who knows, maybe I'm just nuts and have a skewed vision of food. But I do know that, at my current size, I really only need about 1800 calories/day to maintain my weight (if I don't exercise). I do find that when I'm consistently running/working out, I'm less prone to be hungry; thus, less munching. So, yeah. I guess I just wanted to get that off my chest. Blarg.

Anyone else have similar issues/theories? Anyone else tried Thomas' Bagel Thins (I'm partial to the whole wheat variety)?

Anyone else love BANANA CHIPS???

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  1. I am going through that right now with wanting to *eat*!! I have a feeling it rears its head at 2 times. PMS times and also after a long period where my calories are lower. Then my body just wants me to eat to refuel. It's hard. I get the munchies.